Vizar Technologies
Based in Lausanne, Switzerland

Founding date:
May 19, 2019


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LightClash AR (coming in 2023)

Avenue du Grammont 16
1007 Lausanne

+41 (0) 78 614 50 12


Vizar Technologies is primarily a tech company that develops image processing technologies that enable multiplayer augmented reality experiences. Based on our patented core technology, the Vizar Engine, we’re building LightClash AR, the world's first AR multiplayer lasertag-type of game on mobile. Our vision with this game is to offer a fun alternative for players that encourages them to move in the outdoor and to meet their friends IRL. LightClash AR also serves as an example for developers of the types of applications that can be built with the support of the Vizar Engine.


Early history

The idea of the Vizar Engine technology was triggered in a discussion about how powerful smartphones had become, how great the potential in AR was and yet there was no established way to generate a direct multiplayer AR experience on a mobile platform. Pokemon GO had brought millions of people to go outdoors to play the game, sometimes even gathering fans by the thousands in public places. While this was (and still is) impressive, the AR apps that emerged since then applied similar gaming dynamics, and none could achieve any major break-through. The innovation in AR apps seemed to have gone into a standstill. We felt frustrated about this, and decided to create a technology for direct multiplayer in AR that enable the creation of new genres in AR app development.

After that

Following the realization that a direct multiplayer feature had the potential to revitalize mobile AR gaming, Fabien Wildhaber started to code a framework on iOS, relying on the flash and camera to generate and to detect specific light signals that corresponded to player IDs. After substantial experimentation, the first pre-version of the Vizar Engine was created and, shortly thereafter, a prototype game. With the intent to find the right partner for the development of the world's first direct multiplayer AR game on mobile, Fabien and Jonas reached out to many game developer studios and displayed their tech at game developer conferences. After a long search, the right partner for Vizar Technologies was found in Arloopa, a high-end AR development studio headed by ARman Atoyan, based in Yerevan, Armenia.


LightClash AR - The world's first mobile augmented reality FPS game YouTube

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Vizar Technologies collaborates closely with Arloopa in the development of LightClash AR.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

ARman Atoyan
Chief Gaming Officer

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